Windows Hosts File Editor

Edit windows hosts file periodically? If you are like us at Amazify, you are always needing to tinker with your hosts file to force a domain to resolve to a specific IP, whether it be for testing a new website, debugging some web issue, or temporarily fixing some strange VPN name resolution problem. In Windows 7 (and presumably vista), the normal process of opening notepad and navigating to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts became a bit more tedious due to the UAC – this same process does not have the adequate permissions to edit the file, so then you have to go start notepad in admin mode and head back down this same silly path.

So, we threw together a super simple solution – the windows hosts file editor. In Windows 7 (and vista, and windows 8), just type “hosts” in your start box, and you’ll see the Windows Hosts File Editor show up in your list of apps. Click it to launch, give it the requested admin permissions it needs, and bam- hosts file contents ready to go.

This tool is often referred to as a windows hosts file editor, or windows host file editor. It is specifically useful as a windows 7 hosts file editor or even as a windows 8 hosts file editor (and we’ll see about windows 10).


Hosts File Editor


Download the installer from here: Windows Hosts File Editor